Alyse Stehl

Career Devlopment Advisor 

Alyse Stehl can tell it like it is when jumping into the workforce, whether it's gaining employment at a fast food restaurant during high school or applying for that first job out of college.  The tips and tricks she learned from her mentors while attending school lasted over a decade from her first job at an ice cream parlor to her stint as a project engineer before the construction industry imploded. After having her first two kids, she started testing the waters as an entrepreneur and has owned and operated four successful businesses.  Being married to a business owner has only afforded her more opportunities to learn how to navigate every angle of a business including behind the scenes of hiring managers and what employers are looking for in job candidates. Alyse currently owns a media production business while raising her 4 kids with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona.

The program Alyse offers teaches young professionals seeking employment how to search and apply for jobs, create unique cover letters & resumes, interviewing & follow up skills as well as social media and internet behavior that will impress any employer.



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