Superland Market

Superland Market is dedicated to providing fresh food to Detroit Communities. Over the last decade, Vincent, Operating Manager of Superland Market, informs us that they hire locally from their community and donate thousands of dollars and perishable goods to local organizations including the homeless in their community. We're excited to announce that Superland Food Market has partnered with our organization to help feed the homeless and families in need within Detroit Communities.  Thank you for being our community partner. 

Better Made

Cross and Peters company was founded on August 1st, 1930. The company was named after the founders' first names, Cross and Peter. Both set goals to make a better potato chip, hence the brand name: Better Made Potato Chips. In 1934, the company was incorporated by the founders, the late Peter Cipriano (left in pic) and the late Cross Moceri.

Better Made's over 85 years of progress have all been made in Detroit, using Michigan potatoes for ten months of the year and drawing from Mother Nature's harvest schedule in Florida, Missouri, Indiana, North Dakota, Minnesota, or wherever the best potatoes are available for the remainder of the year.

Thank you Bettermade for aiding us in feeding 100 homeless men! We are appreciative of your service. 

Time 2 Shine 2 Hand Car Wash

Time 2 Shine 2 is a non-profit organization hand car wash. Time 2 Shine 2 car wash is committed to donating 20% cash back to our community partners and organizations. The car wash also used as a resource to provide funding to the development of Rohn's Community Development Corporation. 

Make Your Dreams Come True

Make Your Dreams Come True (MYDCT) is a BPO service provider who is dedicated to providing world class business services, continuing education and self development programming for adults and children. Rohn's Community Development Corporation will be offering MYDCT's programming to Detroit residents. 

KN Painting Company

KN Painting in Westland and surrounding cities uses the highest quality products from Sherwin Williams to provide clients with the best results. Rohns Community Development Corporation is proud to announce that we will be utilizing KN Painting for upcoming neighborhood rehabilitation projects for both businesses and residents of Detroit, Michigan. 

Academy of Warren

AOW is a Charter School that uses the American ideal of free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit to collaborate with our community and business partners to prepare students to successfully compete in a global society through real world opportunities that expand beyond their classrooms.

Detroit Custom Bikes

Detroit Custom Bikes is an exclusive bike shop that allows consumers to customize their bicycle in every facet including: bike frame, handle bars, fabrics, lights, speakers, and other customization options. Detroit Custom Bikes also offers programs for inspiring Bike Technicians. 

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