Kim Sheffield

Board Member 

Kim Sheffield, a native of Detroit, Michigan she has attended Detroit Public Schools since kindergarten. She began at Spain Middle School and went on to graduate from Cass Technical High school in 2000. She wanted to continue her studies of business education at Howard University and was accepted into their business school. At Howard University she wasn't sure what she would really focus on, but she knew to be in the business school would definitely take her places. So after her freshman year, she majored in Computer Programming; which she enjoyed and loved. We all know things don't always happen according to plan, so after completing 2.5 years she left to be a fulltime Mommy. Although never wanting to feel like a failure she went back to Howard University to finish her degree; baby and all. Once she achieved her B.B.A. at Howard University she returned to her hometown Detroit.  She began working for so many different companies but she has always remained at a prominent downtown Detroit restaurant. She is definitely using her degree to manage, keeping a database updated, training and overall running the business. She also has started her own business, Beyond Creative Gifts as she likes to create things. As she is looking forward to creating fun projects and helping kids with things they may need this will be her true passion.


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