McAlina Bell  

Grant Writer

Born McAlina Niron Bell, native of Detroit, Michigan, she attended Detroit Public School (DPS) at Samuel C. Mumford HS.  Graduating with an overall 3.2 GPA in the year 2004, her biggest aspiration was to complete the challenges of the inter-city youth perception and apply for College/University level. Proceeding to yearn for more and continue the educational journey she was immediately introduced and accepted to Lane College in Jackson TN in 2004, a smaller HBCU (Historical Black College University) where the family legacy started in 1968.  At Lane College McAlina’s focus of studies was targeted towards Biology (Biomedical Sciences), with a goal to become an Obstetrician Gynecologist. But God had a different plan!  During her 4 year tenure within her 3rd-year track as a Junior she was then introduced to Public Health through a Program facilitated through Fisk University and Meharry Medical School both located in the heart of Nashville TN.  Her true love was then found!  The ability to research and implement projects was a greater calling that would then pour over into resolving the most prevalent issues in various areas of under-served and under-developed communities.  Completing the program and graduating from College in 2008 within 4 years period, that same year applying and passing the GRE examination she was accepted to Loma Linda University School of Public Health in Loma Linda, California!  A new study of focus was Epidemiology/Biostatistics but switched gears and wanted to be more hands on so the program took a GRAND turn to Global International Health while dual majoring in Masters in Health Administration.  This journey was not easy having a mother that survived Ovarian Cancer twice and being away from home for more than 5 years total was life-changing, but God (Jesus) seen her through.  In no time completing the program in 2.5 years, and having the opportunity to complete the project summary in Manila Philippines for Water Sanitation and Tuberculosis research she was able to receive the Masters in Public Health she was walking across the stage in May of 2011.  From there she relocated to Chicago where she was the site Community Outreach Manager with the University of Illinois of Chicago remote community health center Friend Family Health Center (FFHC)   She is the epitome of over-zealous and no stone left unturned!  Currently, she is employed with a prominent Healthcare Provider and living back in Detroit after 14 long years.  Recent projects include a Content Management company created and facilitated solely by herself called Sophisticated Pen which is now in the stages of what she likes to call the “Snowball Effect”.  Standing firm in her faith and believing in making action count, it is no obstacle that she is not willing to jump and pull other over!


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