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Rohns Community Announces Expungement Program

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Rohns community Development Corporation is proud to announce partnership with project clean slate.

Rohns Community Development Corporation is dedicated to creating partnerships and connections with programs that have like-minded core values to ensure the provision of resources to the Detroit community. Rohns Community offers programs catered to the needs of Detroit residents. Rohns Community continues building those connections and is now an official partner with the city of Detroit’s felony forgiveness program, Project Clean Slate.

The City of Detroit organizes Project Clean Slate events throughout the year to Detroit residents providing them the opportunity to have certain convictions expunged from their record. Clearing criminal records provide better opportunities for individuals seeking employment, housing, and education. Rohns Community’s mission is to provide those resources to ensure success and to create opportunity. Rohns Community extends its impact with the help of Project Clean Slate. The city of Detroit provides free legal work for Detroit residents who qualify for expungement. Rohns Community and Project Clean Slate will work hand-in-hand on future programs.

Looking to Volunteer?

Rohns Community in partnership with Project Clean Slate seeks volunteers, resources, and offering of legal services to assist in future programs. To access volunteer form, visit www.rohnscommunity.org/volunteer-with-us And enter “Project Clean Slate” for desired volunteer opportunity.

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