Rashard Townes

Performing Arts Director 

Rashard 'Cardon' Townes is the CEO Founder of Cardon Micro Enterprises & Management. With the ambition to want to be his own boss’, he utilized his natural talents and skills to start multiple enterprises at a very young age. As early as 17 years old Rashard began working in the music industry to create and produce his own music, as well as others. By the age of 22, Rashard and his brothers owned their very own Barber Shop, 7 Days-7 Dollars Sportszone. This business was created to assist those who live in poverty to be able to afford haircuts for themselves at an affordable rate.

Rashard’s entrepreneurial spirit and success do not come to a surprise to his close friends and family members. Both of Rashard parents owned successful businesses, including a hair salon, record store, and a confectionery store. Before Rashard was delivered from the womb of his mother he was destined to become just as he is today, a successful man both in mind and spirit.


Rashard, the fifth of six children was taught by his parents the importance of creating a legacy of his own. Unfortunately, his father passed away when he was 9 years of age. Rashard admits to feeling lost in his adolescent years. His feelings did not allow him to become a victim of his environment or circumstances. Rashard went on to graduate from Charles F. Kettering High School with Honors. He continued his education studying at Wayne State University in both  Business Marketing and Music Management.


With business and success on his mind, he has leaped boundaries that his peers with similar upbringing could not emagine. After all, he was born and raised in one of the most harness areas in Detroit, Michigan. With his surroundings full of drugs, violence, and poverty, Rashard managed to find beauty and opportunity in his environment. This is the reason why some of Rashard businesses are located in the most crimes areas in Detroit; not because he can’t afford to relocate them to the suburbs but because of his undying love for his city and community. He has confidence in those who reside in his community and hope to continue to provide encouraging and motivational services to those who reside in the community. Yes, Rashard is a walking inspiration for those who encounter his presence of all generations.


Now at the age of 34, Rashard has accomplished the following:


Assisted with the production of over 300 successful projects in the music, event planning, and marketing industry.

Written 11 Screenplays

Produced 5 Screenplays and sold over 350 ticket sales during his first production

Established Cardon Clothing, Life Films & Photography, Street Credibility, Most Slept On Concert Series and established Cardon Recording Studios


There is nothing that cannot be achieved with a man's mind is the attitude that Rashard Cardon possesses. Believe it or not; with all of these achievements under his belt, he is nowhere near complete with his empire. It is just the beginning! Stay tuned to witness the greatness that this man will illuminate this world with.


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