Shante Harris 


Shante Harris is making her way in the entrepreneurial world. With an extensive background in HR, customer service, and quality assurance, Shante has an incredible set of skills honed to help people be the best in their industry. Providing quality virtual service is her specialty and passion

In 2016 Shante left her circular work to pursue a work from home endeavor with Make Your Dreams Come True (MYDCT). She poured her heart and soul into supporting the company while it made lateral moves during a difficult time. The CEO quickly observed how well she managed employees and provided services to their clients. In 2018, Shante received a promotion to Partner of MYDCT


Shante knows that you never know everything all the time. That’s why she is constantly improving her knowledge and staying on top of the rapidly changing virtual landscape. In every position she has held, Shante has had to train herself to learn something on the job, with and without support. While working for MYDCT, Shante has had the opportunity to vastly expand her skills and talents. Her ability to self-teach and master skills make her a formidable force in the Virtual Administration space.

Shante is excited to be working with MYDCT to help other women attain the freedom she has worked so hard to achieve. She is also excited about the upcoming ventures that she will pursue as a board member of Rohns Community Development Corporation. 


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