Stacey Doctor


Stacey Anne Doctor is a dynamic, results – driven individual whose life reflects an enduring commitment to and passion for education. She has several achievements which have enabled her to be multifaceted and organized in delivering initiatives designed to facilitate learning and teaching for the benefit of students and teachers alike.


Stacey’s pursuit of educational excellence began with her stint in Wayne State University. It is at this University in Detroit where she earned an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Certificate in Administration and Supervision, having majored in Administration in School Leadership. She also read for and attained a Bachelor of Science from Ypsilanti’s Eastern Michigan University by majoring in Special Education/Emotional Impairment and minoring in Planned Program/General Education.


Stacey’s devotion to education did not stop there. She went on to obtain a Michigan Professional Education Teaching Certificate (Elementary K – 5 All Subj. (K – 8 Self CC)), a Michigan School Administrator Certificate (K – 12) as well as endorsements in Special Education/Emotional Impairment and Special Education/Learning Disabilities (both K – 12). To solidify her position as a truly dependable educator, she made the effort to complete certification training relating to the ACT, M – STEP, MME, NGR and NWEA. She has also been schooled in using blended learning models, MCAN postsecondary education planning techniques, MiStar and PowerSchool.


Stacey’s qualifications jettisoned her into the professional aspects of teaching, which she was introduced to between 2004 and 2006. During that time, she was responsible for collaborating with the K – 6 teachers of the Dove Academy of Detroit. Together, they arranged for, implemented and modified various assignments, behaviour intervention/modification plans and strategies, environments, IEPC – approved auxiliary services and lessons for its general and special education student bodies, while catering to students’ individual learning modalities, preferences and styles.

Between 2006 and 2012, Stacey served as theDove Academy of Detroit’s AssistantPrinciple/Special Education Director for half a decade, and consistently reprised her educational duties for different educational institutions once she left. Between 2012 and 2013, she served as a part – time mentor/teacher for Rochester Hills’ Oakland University. For 3 months in 2013 (July – October), and for 4 years thereafter (October 2013 – July 2017) she respectively acted as the Special Education Supervisor and Instructional Specialist/Transition Coordinator (both 9th to 12th grade) for Michigan’s Southeastern High School of Technology and Law.


She is presently the Principal and Director of Education for the Westwood Alternative Education High School North located in Dearborn, MI.

Not to be defined only by what she does for a living, Stacey loves to read, spend time with family and friends, attend comedy shows, concerts, and stage plays. She especially enjoys doing all those things with her 8  year old daughter, Praise Christian Doctor. As a Christian, Psalms 138:8 is her Scripture of choice; and as a family woman, she takes her mother’s influence and teachings of unconditional forgiveness and love to heart. With time, Christianity and motherhood have taught her that education, as a means of realizing potential, is something that all families across the globe. deserve.  



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